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Post Posted: Fri Apr 27, 2012 8:01 pm     Reply with quote

I was reading the reviews for that Camcorder and ran into this Excerpt. I dont know how true this is still... considering the camcorder has been out for a while, but, how do you guys edit the footage? Can Premiere (Adobe) analyze it? Or do you have to use the panasonic software in order to play it and change its format?

Excerpt: "Compression (9.00)

For regular 1080/60i shooting, the Panasonic HDC-TM700 uses AVCHD compression. This is the standard compression system for consumer HD camcorders, and it is used by nearly all of the major camcorder manufacturers (with the exception of Samsung and Sanyo).

However, when you shoot with the HDC-TM700’s native 1080/60p setting, the camcorder uses a proprietary MPEG-4 codec that isn’t really compatible with anything other than Panasonic’s provided software. Yes, the video shot with the 1080/60p setting looks stunning when you play it back on an HDTV, but the only way you can really do this is by playing back the footage directly from the camcorder. We couldn’t find any third party software that would import or recognize the 1080/60p clips shot with the HDC-TM700, although we expect this to change if 1080/60p recording becomes more prevalent in the future.

Using the 1080/60p setting on the HDC-TM700 is somewhat of a conundrum. The video recorded in the mode looks great, the setting offers a very high bitrate (28Mbps), and the image is recorded progressively rather than interlaced. The problem is, if you want to edit or import the video to your computer your only choice is to use the limited software that ships with the camcorder."
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